Sabine with HatSabine with Hat 2

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary asked us to photograph the Director inside the habitat of wolves called the “Powder Pack.”  Sabine, an artic wolf, kept peering around a hill and watched the excitement.  John forgot wolves are thieves and pranksters.  He wore a black hat and placed it on the ground while adjusting a reflector panel because the hat kept falling off.  Carole was preparing to photograph and noticed Sabine running around the habitat with what appeared to be a huge, black snout.  She zoomed in on Sabine and saw something very familiar…John’s favorite hat in Sabine’s mouth! Sabine, like all canids loves to play chase me, but we had work to do. The hat was destroyed in minutes, but we all laughed because we were able to provide Sabine with a different kind of fun.  Carole was fortunate to capture the moment.

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