The Body 960


We walk our dogs in a very sandy riverbed near our home.   Many people use this open area as a dumping ground for a myriad of things such as mattresses, books, videotapes and more. The runoff causes things to move around.


This particular day we came upon something new.  We looked at each other and John said, “It’s a dead body.”  “No, it’s a homeless person.”  But, we were perplexed because the dogs weren’t the least bit interested.  We approached the lump in the sand very cautiously.  John tapped it with his foot, and it didn’t move.  “It IS a dead body,” Carole said.  John slowly peeled back the cover to look and discovered it was several blankets bunched together forming the shape of a person with his or her legs bent.  Carole, a writer, immediately started weaving a story for her Creative Writing Course.  She submitted the story and received a grade of 97!


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