Creative Juices Productions LLC offers photography, videography and filmmaking services. John and Carole Altendorf have owned and operated their business for over 10 years and together have over 30 years experience in the industry. Please see our list of clients to view what we do.



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John is an award winning Television and Film Producer, Writer, Director, Photographer and Teacher.  He has a very unique way of viewing each project, which is beautifully demonstrated in his vast body of work ranging from thought provoking and entertaining films to black and white fine art still photography.   “I view the world differently than most people, and I strive to bring that vision to life. When I direct films, television series or music videos, my goals include creating camaraderie among the cast and crew so there is a feeling of belonging and owning something special. ” John is a remarkable teacher and an inspiration to his students.



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Carole is a Professional Photographers of America award winning portrait, head shot and fashion photographer and has a great talent for capturing the very essence of every person she photographs.    “Every person has incredible, inherent talents and qualities, and it is such a thrill to bring them to life in photographs. All of my clients are very special to me because of the close relationship we build during filming.” Carole started her photography career doing old-time photography for their Taos, New Mexico business, “Taos Tintypes.” She learned photography with an 8 x 10 Deardorf camera, where the viewfinder is 8 x 10 inches and upside down and backward. Talk about an opportunity to be creative! She photographed thousands of tourists and locals dressed in period costumes, which later segued into filmmaking as an Actor, Producer and Casting Director.