Natalie Benavidez
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“Carole Altendorf at Creative Juices Productions will absolutely meet and exceed your expectations! Carole and John are two energetic people with a true passion for their work; together they form a perfect team and the results are amazing. My portfolio is now complete. They both have a wealth of knowledge they generously share with all who seek advice. In the month since I received my pictures, I have had so many professional compliments. I am now looking forward to the birth of my grandaughter, so John and Carole can do her first baby pictures. THANK YOU BOTH!!!”



Testimonials on the Kady Bow Musical Video “Hands Off My Whiskey” produced and directed by Creative Juices Productions


“I’ve been fortunate to work on many professional sets, but none that were run in a more professional, ego-free, and gentle while productive manner. You’ve earned a fan. I’d be honored to work with you on any future production for which I’m a good match.

Lots of fun and didn’t feel like I was on a set. Everyone did their jobs, so well it just worked.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of an AMAZING project! The experience was Awesome! I had a great time! Once again Thank you!

Thanks ‪Carole Altendorf, John, Kady!!!! I had a blast working with such wonderful people!!! Can’t wait to get together again!!!

This project was more fun than work. I have a strong feeling that involves lots of excitement ahead!


Thank you so much Carole Altendorf for choosing me to work on such a fun project @Kady Bow. Everyone was wonderful to work with & Kady was an absolute jewel taking time to present each person with an autographed CD.

It was simply divine. I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone on the set and meeting new people most of all the rising star,Kady .She is destined for greatness,with her soulful,combination of country, blues,sultry,rock and fabulous vocals…..All I can say for now…,I’m stoked.

Outstanding day!!!

Daniel Daniel Williams


“Hi Carole,

I just wanted to thank you and John for the amazing experience at the Kady Bow music video shoot. It was so much fun and I would do it again! You both were awesome to work with!

Please keep in touch with me about upcoming projects. Also, I would be very interested in joining your team for the 48 Hour Horror Film Project-if you would have me. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks again, and I can’t wait to see the video!

Kate A. Ramsey


“I enjoyed working with you and John on Kady’s music video. It was a very well-run and time efficient production. I loved seeing old friends and making new ones. Thank you for a memorable and enjoyable production. I can’t wait to see the final cut.

Lionel Archuleta”


Hi Carole,

Welcome to my fb pg.

The buzz has it that your video filming and talent were awesome!

Geri Lynn Weinstein





Wanted to pass along a huge thanks to Carole Altendorf and her husband John of Creative Juices Productions for putting together an audition tape for Addison. They did an amazing job, with immaculate attention to detail and tremendous hospitality. We really appreciate the time they took to create a quality video, and we had so much fun hanging out playing with the dogs. Thank you!!!!!!

Video will be posted soon!


Longo 13



I went on an audition today, and was told to bring a “head shot and resume”, quite a standard request. It went well, but I it was the comment about my head shot that I wanted to share. These producers looked at it and said, “Now that is a PROPER, PROFESSIONAL, head shot, the best they’ve seen all day.” WOW, I thanked them, and smiled. Just wanted to thank Carole and John/www.creativejuicesproductions.com again for their great work, it does translate to comments like these, and hopefully lots of acting jobs for me. Love you guys, Teresa Longo.

Just wanted to give a “positive shout out” to Carole and John of Creative Juices Productions. My head shots are amazing!!! Everyone that sees them loves them!! I know that I will get a lot of work because of these pics. Thanks again Carole and John!



Jim W 4277



Outstanding day today with Carole and her husband. We’ve been wanting to do this for so long and finally got it done!!! Thx for EVERYTHING !!!

Jim W Testimonial 6.5.14


Not only you treated like a person, but you get one on one attention; they are open to your ideas (your place or theirs, outdoors, indoors, whatever/where ever). You really get a GREAT PACKAGE DEAL!!!! Over-all……. Can’t Beat It!!!!!


Melissa 13.0


Hi there all just thought I’d give a shout out this CO. It is great they do what you want and you get really good quality photos. All your needs will be satisfied here!!!



Roy 01 with Name


When looking for a photographer for professional head shots and portraits, there are many from which to choose.

However, Carole and John Altendorf’s Creative Juices Productions is not only up there with the best of them, but I have never seen so much love and dedication to the art and craft of professionalism and dedication to give her clients the best look whether it be a head shot, full body, or portrait.

I was overwhelmed by her patience and energy and making sure that I stood in the proper positions for the best look and light, wither in her professional studio or local surroundings.

The cost for Carole’s time and overall work on the day, left me wanting to pay more.  I highly recommend her.  She won’t steer you wrong, and I can promise you that.



L and Emma FB

LEYTON J. COUGAR, Director of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

This photo with Leyton J. Cougar, Director – Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, and Emma, a poodle puppy,  caused a huge response. Here a few of the comments:

Sara Bear Currently my favorite picture on the internet

Marlies Grimm Great picture.. 
21 hours ago

Lisa Schindler Wolf Daddy!! What a great pic. Would love to see a wolf on either side! That is cool 
15 hours ago ·

March 31 at 6:45pm ·

 Leyton J. Cougar I love it!
March 31 at 9:30pm ·

Lory Slade · Friends with Rory Zoerb and 7 othersPerfect in every way!

March 31 at 9:44pm ·

Diana Chong Holding in your hand feeling warm in your heart….
March 31 at 10:39pm ·

Stella Short · Friends with Bill Jørgensen and 4 othersAwww precious! Xx

Yesterday at 12:13am ·

María Basia Rafael · 6 mutual friendsReal men love animals 

Yesterday at 1:27am ·

Paul Caster I don’t think it’s possible NOT to love Lulu!
22 hours ago ·

Kellie Foster · 3 mutual friendsHow Precious!!

20 hours ago ·

Lory Slade · Friends with Rory Zoerb and 7 othersYou did a great job Carole!



Paul 4329


I love the photos and will have Tammy pick out those for 8×10’s.  My dad noticed my FB picture and is downloading it to blow up.  He’s always been very artistically inclined (not sure how I missed it), so consider that a complement.