Special Projects

Dance of the Cranes

Every year around Halloween, thousands of Sand Hill cranes migrate south from the northern Rockies to spend their winters along the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico. The migration culminates in a huge “The Festival of the Cranes” in the Bosque del Apache.

The “Flyaway Sculpture” by Robert Wilson is a beautiful tribute to the Sand Hill Crane. The sculpture embodies the characteristics of the cranes with the sky and mountains and the ballerina is the personification of flying with cranes.

In The Spotlight Model Dancer Courtney Coulombe was born and raised in New Mexico and began her dance training at the age of 4.  She has won numerous awards and scholarships with her performances in national competitions.  She has even trained with the Rockettes for 3 summers! In addition to ballet, Courtney does tap, jazz, hip-hop and ballroom dancing.  At the age of 16, Courtney plans on a dance career and clearly with her training at  “En Pointe Indiana Ballet,” she will soon achieve her goal.

Steam Punk

In The Spotlight Model Sarah Aragon was perfect for this shoot with her look from that era.  We found the perfect location at the historic train museum in Madrid, New Mexico. Steam Punk and steam punk fashion combine the genre of science fiction that has an historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. The essence of steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist.

Desert Bloom Sculptures

For a long time we thought about a photo shoot at the open air Desert Blooms Garden Store in Albuquerque.  After Rogan Solomon joined the In The Spotlight Model Program, we had the perfect model.  Desert Blooms sells all sizes of metal sculptures from roadrunners to horses on their hind legs.  The artists also have their huge pottery displayed on the I-40 Freeway from Texas, New Mexico to Arizona.  The metal is repurposed from other metals.  The airplane also includes an ironing board!

Hair and makeup by Raylene Anna Trujillo and pink dress designed for Rogan by Elena Pulido

Pinup and Planes

In The Spotlight Model Carla Lorraine is a pinup model and is the Northern New Mexico Regional Leader for the Battlin’ Betties New Mexico Platoon, which raises awareness for PTSD and suicide prevention for veterans

We chose the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, a national repository of nuclear science information and exhibits located in Albuquerque, New Mexico because Carla’s shoot was patriotic.

Carla’s photos were published in:

“Shotcaller Magazine”

“Garters and Grills”

“Lipstick and Lashes”

Light, Shadow and Color

The concept of this shoot was to demonstrate the effective use of bright highlights, shadows and saturated colors.  In The Spotlight Models Addison Fulton and Perla Cordero brought the concept to life. This photo of Perla Cordero was published in “Tear Sheet PDX,” a very competitive and discerning Seattle photography magazine.

Magical Fantastical

Published in the “Best of 2018 Shotcaller Magazine”

“If you go down in the woods today

You’re sure of a big surprise

You’d better go in disguise…”

I’ll never forget the bedtime song, “The Teddy Bears’Picnic” by John Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy.  Those lyrics left an indelible visual in my psyche.

Much later, I saw a perfume ad with a 70’s inspired group of flower children, adorned in hippie attire with balloons, candy, flutes, mandolins and more. 

And very unusual  photos by Duane Michals were etched in my brain.

All of these influences came together as “Magical Fantastical.”

I started to conceptualize what I wanted to do and besides whimsy and an odd party in the woods, I wanted an element of danger.

The 3-month pre-production started with wardrobe planning based on the color scheme for which I wanted primaries and stripes.

The day of the shoot the characters had their faces painted and I directed the shoot like a movie scene.

In post-production, my husband John and I reviewed our photo collection for the perfect gnarly tree for a composite of “Magical Fantastical Party In the Tree.”  In “Blue Bell Playing Spokes In A Wheel” it was challenging to composite the perfect cartwheels. “Butterflies are Free” set the mood of happiness and whimsy and the butterflies enhance the colors of the scene.

I think you can see it was an unusual day creating the magic and fantastic and it’s always incredible to see what is in your brain come to life.

Featuring In The Spotlight Models:

  • Alice: Addison Fulton

  • Mad Hatter: Alex Mirabal

  • Blue Bell: Noe Hansen

  • The Red Ballerina: Courtney Coulombe

  • The Yellow Ballerina: Rogan Solomon

  • The Lady In Stripes: Carla Romero

  • Parrot Man: Vaughn Fulton

  • Assistant Director: Agatha Fulton

  • Face Painting: Pamela Hansen

  • Set Decoration: Anne Coulombe

  • Photography and Post-Production: Carole and John Altendorf